McRISC, Inc.

Comprehensive Risk-Informed Screen. 

2019  All rights reserved.   Chicago, IL. USA

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Making substance use assessment, prevention and treatment

accessible to all

McRISC gets people

to the right treatment

at the right time.

10 minutes

online 24/7

McRISC is the first acute and chronic substance use assessment that asks the necessary questions for prevention and lasting outcomes:

  • Uses the gold standard, DSM-V, for acute diagnostics 

  • Favors the Heaviness of Smoking Index (HSI) for distinguishing tobacco use disorder, including vaping 

  • Separates diagnostics among alcohol, illicit drugs, Rx meds, and nicotine use

  • Incorporates evidence-based risk factors to offer lifelong illness severity information

McRISC is critical to ending the opioid epidemic:

  1. Assesses a person's addiction risk

  2. Provides prevention guidance

  3. Assesses a person's likelihood of sustained remission.

  4. Targets treatment for those who suffer with addiction, based on illness severity and lifelong risk.

  • Fast:  10-minutes average completion and results available in 24 hours

  • Comprehensive: replaces the revolving door with its acute and long term treatment-informing recommendations

  • Accessible: available online anywhere with any computer or mobile device

  • Proactive: reduces illness expression by informing those with increased lifetime risk

  • Evidence-based risk factors: brings more primary care providers into the fight

  • Confidential: no personal health information (PHI) obtained